About Me

(in about 204 words)


I'm an AI Engineer with Software Engineering background. After some years in Software Engineering and then finishing my Master's in AI, I'm now working as an AI Engineer at PaboloAI as an AI Engineer focused on generative models.

Some history

  • I was born in 1996, in Turkey.
  • Travelled across Turkey and lived in many different cities growing up.
  • I finished my Bachelor's in Computer Engineering at Istanbul Gelisim University in 2017.
  • Right after my Bachelor's, I started working as a Software Engineer and R&D Engineer at Medron Technology in Istanbul and worked there for 3 years.
  • During the covid-19 pandemic, I decided to pursue my Master's in AI and started my Master's in AI at University of Bielefeld in Germany. In the meanwhile I kept working as a Software Engineer at Margin.
  • After finishing my Master's, I started working as an AI Engineer at PaboloAI in Karlsruhe, Germany.

I like

  • Wristwatches and collecting them.
  • Watching sports of all kinds, including esports too.
  • Lift weights
  • Cooking, especially Turkish food but I try literally everything.

I dream of

  • Helping the world with AI.
  • Using AI to make everything as accessible as possible.
  • To create efficient and fun AI systems that can be used by everyone.